Deal or no Deal? Trade in an unpredictable political environment

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  • Whether it’s Brexit, EU-China, US-EU relations, the business of political prediction has become a mug’s game leading to market volatility and potential financial instability
  • Will the WTO ruling on illegal EU subsidies to Airbus trigger EU-US tensions or will that wait until the expected ruling on Boeing defense contracts?
  • Anyone who watched the latest debate among Democrat presidential hopefuls could be forgiven for thinking that, should a Democrat enter the White House in 2021, the Trump era may be looked upon fondly as a period of relative reasonableness in trade relations
  • We explain why the Brexit Irish border issue is essentially a problem that has no solution that does not disadvantage one or other of the Northern Ireland communities
  • The Peabody Essex Museum in Salam MA is running an exhibit showing the benefits of cross-cultural fertilization through trade without pulling its punches on the evils that can also arise
  • We would all do well to heed Keynes’s 1933 words on the bandits and limits of trade
  • The OECD has published suggestions on how to resolve one of the most corrosive effects of globalisation – industrial scale tax arbitrage
  • Philip Hammond and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research suggest that the benefits of free trade agreements may not be all they’re cracked up to be

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