We would like you to get involved

If we are to make a difference we need your involvement - and that of other, like-minded people. There are many opportunities for participation.

What do you care about?

Let us know the issues that are on your mind. What areas you think we should be addressing and how we might address them.

Take an active part in the policy areas that you are passionate about. We are open to all ideas and all approaches. Let's talk about how we could work together.

Examples of success

Let us know of any initiatives that you come across that have shown success. We will work to understand how they can be reproduced at scale.

Support us financially

Our existence depends on financial support by people like you.

We don't want to depend on project-by-project financing that only serves to promote specific agendas by corporate or other vested interests. We are building a coalition of individuals and foundations that, through annual donations, can provide us with the financial support needed to enable us to address the major issues of the day and come up with radical but practicable approaches.

We are a UK registered educational charity, (registered charity number 1167393), so any donation brings tax benefits.

Help publicise what we're doing
  • Speak to others about Radix and the radical centre.
  • Participate in discussions
  • Take the initiative to organise an event where we can discuss a relevant policy issue, deconstruct it and come up with new thinking and approaches.
  • Speak to your contacts in the media or elsewhere to help raise awareness about what we are doing.
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