Anti-Monopoly = Pro Business

  • Many criticise calls for further action by competition authorities as being anti-business.
  • In this newsletter we argue that nothing could be further from the truth. Competition policy is one of the few important tools we have to preserve a functioning market system
  • Large and small businesses are both important for a properly functioning economy and neither can thrive in monopolistic markets
  • Idle competition authorities are destroying the market system
  • A new book by Thomas Philippon argues that America seems to have given up on the free market by allowing excessive concentration
  • There is no difference between the market concentration seen in the EU and the US
  • The four big accountancy firms now take 100% of the FTSE 100 audit market
  • A new report from the Economic Roundtable in California lists the environmental harms arising from Amazon’s home delivery model
  • It fails to compare these harms with the alternative – deliveries to multiple individual shops and consumers having to take trips to city centres or out-of-town malls for every purchase
  • It makes one wonder whether this is serious analysis or another knee-jerk anti-Amazon rant

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