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Joe Zammit-Lucia, author of The New Political Capitalism in discussion with Andrew Hilton, The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

The New Political Capitalism: How businesses and societies can thrive in a deeply politicized world’: A discussion with the author of this new book, Joe Zammit-Lucia

Why you should watch: The world is changing; societies are changing. But is capitalism changing? And, if it is changing, is it changing in a way that meshes with the broader economic and social changes? This book argues that we are at a tipping point, in which ‘financialized capitalism’ (in which shareholder value and financial returns rule the roost) is morphing into what the author calls ‘political capitalism’ – a form of capitalism that reflects the fact that, in the modern world, every corporate decision is a political decision. Some companies get it right; others don’t. Those that do will thrive; those that don’t will find themselves increasingly out of step with their ‘citizen consumers’.

Moderator: Andrew Hilton (Director, CSFI)

Joe Zammit-Lucia is a man of many parts. Originally a gastro-enterologist (trained at the Royal Free), he has been an ‘entrepreneur, an investor, a leadership adviser and a commentator’ – also an author of several business books. He has (he says) ‘lived and worked in the UK, Germany, France, the US, Spain, the Netherlands and Malta’. He also set up RADIX, a think-tank of the ‘radical center’, which is based in the U.K. with many great and good economic establishment on its various boards. This book, published by Bloomsbury, is out this week.

Watch the interview here

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