Globalisation in Meltdown?


In this issue of our Globalization Outlook, we look at the future of the WTO as well as developments in big tech, universities’ global ambitions and the status of US-EU trade talks

  • The backlash against the WTO has its origins in long-standing grievances that have not been adequately addressed
  • Over time, the WTO has acquired for itself judicial and law-making powers that were never agreed by its members. A backlash was inevitable
  • The WTO is now caught between potential paralysis on one hand and the loss of political legitimacy on the other
  • Big tech is likely to see a substantial increase in regulation and data protection that could continue to break down the possibility of globally uniform business models
  • A spat between trade negotiators has set back US-EU trade relations
  • Universities get caught in the globalisation debate as issues arise relating to academic freedom and the security implications of research collaborations

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