Why don’t politicians debate with Andrew Bridgen?

Vaccination of senior person in hospital

Poor old Andrew Bridgen, the formerly Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, as left alone in the Commons chamber when he asked a question about the covid vaccine on 17 March.

The trouble is that I really approve of that kind of dogged pursuit of the truth – even if I don’t necessarily agree with him. Bridgen is clearly a ferocious seeker out of truth and he has suffered for it – he had the Tory whip removed, and now sits a an independent. Admittedly, that was for comparing the vaccibe roll-out to the holocaust – which is never a good idea.

I know that I will be accused, for this post, of encouraging the anti-vaxxers and for backing a campaign by GB News, of all people.

But that is the point, isn’t it. When the Commons chamber clears when he gets to his feet and Youtube take down footage of his parliamentary interventions – as they have done – then how can we be certain of anything?

I know, for example, that the American government (or at least the Department of Energy) has finally admitted that it is most likely that the covid virus escaped from the Wuhan laboratory – which (as I understand it) was also being paid by the US government.

I know, for example, that – according to an Australian senator – the mRNA vaccinated have been more likely to have been hospitalised by and killed by the virus than the unvaccinated.

I know for example that excess deaths are running at 9 percent higher than they were in 2019, and that young women were 3.5 times as likely to die from heart issues within three months of the vaccine.

On the other hand,  I know that there are statistical reasons why American excess deaths – beyond covid – might seem so much higher than they are. I just don’t understand them.

So why on earth don’t politicians take on Bridgen and beat him in open debate? Because if they just skip away quickly whenever he stands up, then it is hardly surprising that those people in the USA in the ‘functional medicine’ movement – and soon their equivalents over here too – who have access to the same facts will believe themselves to be a righteous minority, sadly harassed by the authorities, their posts taken down, while rumours swirl around about dark deeds and snake venom (the venom bit was the conclusion of an October 2021 Italian study of covid victims:  

“Toxin-like peptides, almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals, like conotoxins, phospholipases, phosphodiesterases, zinc metal proteinases, and bradykinins, were identified in samples from COVID-19 patients, but not in control samples.…”).

Now, in this country, we have a long radical tradition of people standing bravely up against mainstream health information, of doubt when it is unpopular with ministers – think about thalidomide and mad cow disease. So why would we want to continue down the path of closing down debate?

After all, can you imagine if they were right – and there was a problem with the Pfizer mRNA jabs, perhaps unintentional – but the only people who would countenance such a thing was the Trumps and Bridgens and functional health fanatics of this world?

Oh, and by the way, I gather that vitamin C is the cure if you have had a Pfizer jab – as I have (three of them in fact) – and were worried about it…

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