An astrologer predicts the future


It is interesting how individuals in different fields view the future differently.

Classical economists see a future of endless economic growth, as does everyone employed in the public sector.  Understandably so because without growth, their future is dire. 

Down here at the grass-roots, the first glimmerings of localism can be seen imaginatively.

I hear a growing belief among trades-people that the future will be fundamentally different –  mainly because they see the public debt as unsustainable.

I recently came across a view of an astrologer.  As follows:

  • If we ALL do our part now, including YOU, we will be on a beautiful timeline.
  • At one with telepathy.
  • Strong local communities.
  • Free energy.
  • And super-high blissful vibes all around.
  • But… if we don’t each do our part, we’ll end up with a VERY dark future.
  • With a one-world government that controls our every move.
  • With digital currencies that can be turned off if our social credit scores aren’t high enough.
  • And FAR more and worse lockdowns than we saw in 2020.
  • I am bound and determined to NOT let that happen.
  • I want to live in a world where we ALL are FREE and sovereign to make our own choices.
  • Not to be dictated by greedy tyrants who want to control us

Which sounds good to me!

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