A Guide to New Political Movements: Politics in the 21st century

A Guide to New Political Movements: How to do politics in the 21st century

“In many countries, new insurgent political movements have upended the status quo that sustained the mainstream political parties, showing them up as out of date and obsolete. This book is a manual for success in the current political and media environment. Learning from these successes, this book provides a road map for how potential new parties or old parties that wish to reinvent themselves can succeed in the new political landscape. “This book takes us through a deep analysis of what has driven the success of insurgent new parties in Europe and Canada. One of the book’s most interesting questions is: could it happen in the UK? The UK’s electoral system is a cruel master, but we may well find the UK’s political system is rather less resistant to the shock of the new than many of us imagine.”

Professor Tim Bale, Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University London

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