Paul Goldsmith

Paul Goldsmith

Dr Paul Goldsmith is a consultant physician with a triple 1st from Cambridge and a clinical scholarship from Oxford. His PhD assessed and showed that the simplicity of developmental biology could be use to understand complex human disease. He then went on to co-found and help build both biotech and digital health companies. His current company, Closed Loop Medicine, is taking an integrated systems approach to clinical therapy. He also has extensive NHS systems and strategic experience, including Clinical Networks, Vanguard and Clinical Senate roles. The challenges of how to address mental health and wellbeing, particularly in the most deprived communities led to cross-cutting thinking in areas such as infrastructure, tax, education and the environment. He has contributed to various policy strategy work, most notably recently on medical negligence reform. His particular interest is trying to understand the problems of modern life, both medical and societal, from an evolutionary context.

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