David Boyle

David Boyle

David Boyle is a writer with long-term involvement in policy on regeneration, community and economic development and the future of localism, especially in his efforts to develop co-production and introduce time banks to Britain as a critical element of public service reform. He was the UK government’s independent reviewer on Barriers to Public Service Choice (the Boyle Review, 2012-13). He is the author of a number of books about history, social change and the future. Authenticity: Brands, Fakes, Spin and the Lust for Real Life (Flamingo, 2003) helped put the search for authenticity on the agenda as a social phenomenon. The Tyranny of Numbers (Flamingo, 2001) and The Sum of Our Discontent (Texere, 2001) predicted the backlash against the government’s target culture. Funny Money: In search of alternative cash (Flamingo, 1999) launched the time banks movement in the UK. He also writes history books and his book Broke: Who Killed the Middle Classes? was published by Fourth Estate in 2013.

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