Geoff Crocker

Geoff Crocker works in advocacy and research on concepts of basic income and sovereign money as the foundations of a new economic paradigm.

He graduated in economics from Durham University and subsequently worked for a range of blue-chip companies and clients in industry strategy for over 25 years.  He specialised in strategic analysis of international industry sectors with high technology content. 

He is also currently the Chair of Bristol Care Homes Ltd and, formerly, of SUEK AG, a large coal and powergen company in Russia.  He is the author of the International Energy Agency 2008 report on the implementation of clean coal technologies in the Russian coal industry.

He is the Editor of ‘The Case for Basic Income’, and the author of  ‘Basic Income and Sovereign Money’ (Palgrave Pivot 2020) and ‘A Managerial Philosophy of Technology’ (Palgrave Macmillan 2012)