The future for UK democracy: Can Parliament Take Back Control?

The Future For UK Democracy

After what appears to be a democratic nervous breakdown in recent years, how much has faith in the UK government and its procedures been shaken in young people? What reforms should be put in place to rebuild confidence in parliament?

Is and should power be concentrated at Westminster and more specifically in the Cabinet and Prime Minister? How can that be diffused? And what would our rising political stars of the future like to see implemented to see effective, fair and democratic governance?

Join Lord Paul Tyler and Sir Nick Harvey together with emerging young politicians from across the political spectrum to discuss how Can Parliament Take Back Control?

Copies of Can Parliament Take Back Control? by Sir Harvey and Lord Tyler, published in conjunction with Radix Big Tent can be found here.

  • Chair

    Maddy Dhesi

    Maddy is a democracy campaigner and Politics student at the University of Glasgow, currently working as Social Media Coordinator at The Politics Project. Since her first time voting, Maddy has been writing about Welsh democracy and now advocates against barriers to voting.

  • Panelist

    Sir Nick Harvey

    Sir Nick Harvey was the Liberal Democrat MP for North Devon from 1992 until 2015 and Minister of State for the Armed Forces from 2010 to 2012. He was recently appointed chief executive of the European Movement.

  • Panelist

    Lord Paul Tyler

    Lord Paul Tyler served as MP for North Cornwall (1992-2005) and Bodmin in 1975 and as Lord Tyler of Linkinhorne (2005-2021). Paul has been Lib Dem constitutional reform spokesman in both the Commons (2001-05) and Lords (2005-2021) and is a former chief whip in the Commons.

  • Panelist

    Christine Wallace

    Christine Wallace is a Conservative GLA candidate for Lambeth and Southwark, Chief of Staff for Andrew Selous MP, Deputy Chair of the Conservative Young Women.

  • Panelist

    Anna Baxter

    Anna Baxter is a Labour Councillor for Hull Road, York and Politics student at the University Of York. She is also Co-Chair of the University of York’s Labour Club and Co-LGBT Officer for the CLP.




Thursday 16th November 2023, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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