A new economic and political philosophy for Britain: Meet the Leaders Replay with Will Hutton and Vicky Pryce

CLICK HERE to watch the replay of our Meet the Leaders event with Will Hutton and Vicky Pryce, where they discussed how an alternative economic and political philosophy would remake a better Britain.

The event, which took place on Thursday 30th May 2024, was a Radix Big Tent Meet the Leaders interactive webinar which saw ample opportunity for online guests to contribute.

Will Hutton’s passionate book gave us plenty to discuss: it shows how the right and left have gone wrong over the course of the last century – and how we can remake a better Britain. He advocates an alternative economic and political philosophy, especially if we are to ward off a nihilist populism. Two great traditions – ethical socialism and progressive liberalism – can be brought together to offer a different way forward.

Will Hutton is a British journalist and author. He currently writes a regular column for the Observer, is the president of the Academy of Social Sciences, hosts its We Society podcast and is co-chair of the Purposeful Company. He was formerly economics editor of the Guardian, editor-in-chief of the Observer and Principal of Hertford College Oxford. Hutton’s books include the bestselling The State We’re In, How Good We Can Be, The World We’re In and The Writing on the Wall. His new book This Time No Mistakes: How to Remake Britain was published in April 2024.

Vicky Pryce is the Chair of the Fellows at Radix Big Tent and a leading economist whose career includes being Director General for Economics at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Joint Head of the UK Government Economic Service and Chief Economist and Partner at KPMG. She is currently Chief Economic Adviser and board member at the Centre for Economics and Business Research. She is also Chair of the Economic Advisory Council for the British Chambers of Commerce and a visiting Professor at King’s College, London and Birmingham City University. In addition, she is co-founder of GoodCorporation, a company set up to advise on Corporate Social Responsibility.

CLICK HERE to watch the Meet the Leaders replay.

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