What is the State of the Nation? The Case for Optimism

What is the State of the Nation: The Case for Optimism from Radix Think Tank on Vimeo.

Events such as the Great Financial Crash, the Covid Pandemic and the war in Ukraine have affected all countries around the globe. Other events such as Brexit and this winter’s strikes are peculiar to Britain. The mainstream media tend to focus on headline making problems and difficulties while complaint and anger seem to form the very soul of social media. Does that give us a good picture of Britain’s overall performance compared to similar countries? Our panelists looked at a range of performance indicators to look at the UK’s performance in comparison with similar countries to ask, What is the State of the Nation? Are there grounds for optimism?

With Joe Zammit-Lucia, Baroness Patience Wheatcroft, Sir Simon Jenkins and Prof Tim Bale.

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