A contribution to the Radix Big Tent Housing Commission: Meet the Leaders Replay with Dame Kate Barker

CLICK HERE to watch the replay of our Meet the Leaders event with Dame Kate Barker and Vicky Spratt, where they discussed what would have to happen over the next 5 years to tackle Britain’s housing shortage.

Dame Kate Barker CBE, Chair of the Radix Big Tent Housing Commission and Vicky Spratt, The i’s Housing Correspondent were in conversation on Monday June 3rd 2024 for a Radix Big Tent Meet the Leaders webinar. The event saw ample opportunity for guests to join the conversation, ask questions and comment.

The Radix Big Tent Housing Commission headed by Dame Kate Barker CBE is meeting over the coming months to tackle the issues and look for practical solutions to combat Britain’s housing shortage. It was initiated by radical centre think tank, Radix Big Tent, with the support of law firm Shoosmiths. Learn more and submit evidence here.

The webinar’s purpose was to assist in the engagement with the widest possible number of stakeholders, particularly experts involved in the real estate sector who might provide evidence that will contribute towards the discussions and proposals of the new Commission. The Radix Big Tent Housing Commission is specifically focusing on responding to England’s housing shortage and its aim is to make its recommendations soon after the anticipated General Election.

During its work, the Commission is addressing four distinct, but connected issues: how to free up more land for development; the role of specialist housing, for example for students and older people; approaches to sustainability; and ensuring affordability. The Commission is meeting publicly and privately over the coming months.

Dame Kate Barker CBE is the Chair of the Radix Big Tent Housing Commission, in partnership with Shoosmiths. She was the Chair of the 2004 ‘Barker Review’ on UK Housing Supply and the subsequent review on UK Land Use Planning (2006). She is the author of Housing: Where’s the Plan (2014) and former member of the National Infrastructure Commission.

Vicky Spratt is an award-winning journalist, author, and housing rights advocate. Her book TENANTS was a Financial Times book of the year in 2022. She is a columnist and housing correspondent at The i Paper where her work has seen her nominated for a British Journalism Award and shortlisted for the Orwell Prize and she regularly appears on flagship news programmes. Her work has also contributed to several major policy changes.

CLICK HERE to watch the Meet the Leaders replay.

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