‘The New Political Capitalism: How Businesses and Societies Can Thrive in a Deeply Politicised World’, by Joe Zammit-Lucia

(This article was published by Financial Times)

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This article was first printed in the FT business books: February edition

According to American journalist Suzy Welch, “business is business and politics is politics and never the twain shall meet.” Here, however, Zammit-Lucia argues that the two are, in fact, inseparable, with a relationship that is “as complex as it is dynamic” and will become even more relevant to business success in future.

Zammit-Lucia, a physician turned multinational executive who founded Radix, a cross-party think-tank, explores how we are rapidly moving into the age of “political capitalism” and how businesses can adapt. In chapters that look at bridging the cultural divide between business and politics, the politics of globalisation, and cultural leadership, he believes success will come to those organisations that develop “a deep understanding of how politics and the constant contestation of political ideas work, how they drive as well as follow contemporary culture, and how to embed these understandings into the core of their business models”.

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