The Lib Dem Article 50 gamble is so radical it might just work

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It is certainly ballsy. It has filled the newspaper pages and the airwaves. It has generated controversy.

I’m talking about the Liberal Democrats’ new policy of revoking Article 50 should they win a majority in any upcoming election. 

Is it a masterstroke, something that will generate some short-term excitement that will eventually die down, or a big mistake?

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  1. ParcelOfRogue says

    Despite the Guardian and the right wing press going this policy, it is supported by 43% to 38% and has caused a surge in LibDem support up to 23%, 2% ahead of Labour. It is a win for bold clarity.
    The re-alignment of UK Politics appears to be happening. Tom Watson (Labour Deputy) is now being sounded out as joining the LibDems

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