Smartphones – the new weapons to wield power


This article from our Research Fellow Zoe Hodge, co-Author with Nick Silver of A Guide to New Political Movements, appeared in The Times Red Box (£)

When was the last time you heard someone describe themselves as Conservative or Labour without qualifying their choice? Perhaps you do it yourself — “I vote Tory for the ERG” or “I’m on the Remain side of Labour”. Brexit has created dividing lines within parties.

When I am asked where my loyalties lie, I cannot help but admit they have narrowed to those of other 21-year-old, university-educated city-dwellers. No wonder the situation is near hysterical.

Luckily, we’re living in a good time to bridge divides. In 1642, disunion led us to take up arms. Now we can take up smartphones. Retweets, online petitions and direct messaging have brought politics and people into two-way contact, 24/7. There’s few that can’t be reached…

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