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Radix is featured prominently in the October 2021 issue of InterLib: Journal of the Liberal International British Group with reviews of both our recent online discussion on China with Sir Vince Cable and Annabelle Timsit and of Sir Vince’s book The China Conundrum which was the basis of debate, as well as reprinting an article by Renaud Girard on Lebanon, published as a blog by us in September.

On pages 18-19 Stewart Rayment takes a look at the The Chinese Conundrum: Sir Vince Cable in conversation with Annabelle Timsit, reporting the initial discussion between the two and why Sir Vince wants ‘to look at the evidence in a dispassionate way’. Rayment includes specific questions and responses raised by the audience including the risks of China’s involvement in the UK’s nuclear and high tech industries and how the Chinese use their economic weight to achieve political ends.

“Summing up, Cable said that he had not been inspired by expertise to write his book, but by curiosity to make sense of the arguments about the Chinese.”

On pages 10-11 InterLib reprints Renaud Girard’s article How should we consolidate success in Lebanon. Renaud reports on the diplomatic success which has led to the formation of a new government in Lebanon and the seven urgent matters he says must be dealt with immediately.

“None of the ministers chosen have been warlords in the past. They are not great leaders, but rather technical ministers, who are less subject to the traditional political cartel than their predecessors… such a government can only be judged by actions.”

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