Britain is ready for change, but politics hasn’t quite caught up


This article was published in City AM

Author: Nick Silver

Walk past the Palace of Westminster, and the crowds of protesters blocking the pavement send a clear message: the British are finally becoming politicised. At the same time, the esteem of the UK public for our major political parties is at an all-time low.

This is not a peculiarly British phenomenon. In Europe, previously dominant centre left and right parties have self-imploded, replaced by new insurgents, such as the Five Star Movement (M5S) in Italy and En Marche in France, both now in government.

Britain has been a bit behind the curve, but it is catching up, with two new parties recently springing into existence: the Brexit Party, which is doing spectacularly well in the polls, and Change UK, which is doing spectacularly mediocrely.

So drawing lessons from insurgent parties in other countries, how likely are these new UK forces to succeed?

This is the question we address in our recently published book, A Guide to New Political Movements: How to do politics in the 21st century

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  1. Peter Arnold says


    I ordered the book ten days ago, but it hasn’t appeared, and Amazon says it’s because the supplier hasn’t delivered it yet. Is there a problem?

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