What is the Radical Centre?

radical centre

Text of talk given at the launch of Radix Italy.

Excerpt: (Download full text here)

‘Radix’ is derived from the latin name for root. To be radical is not to try to turn things upside down in some sort of anarchic chaos. Rather it is to go to the very root of the issues of the day and challenge what has become the accepted wisdom that cannot be questioned. To be radical is to challenge lazy thinking.

Breaking the mould is what Radix is about.

We believe that we are on the cusp of a new Renaissance. The world is buzzing with new ideas, new initiatives and new technologies. We are living through a momentous period in human history. A period fizzing with energy, dynamism and human potential. Yet our political systems are stagnant. They are stuck in outdated models that are unfit for our times. They seem to be able to do no better than defend the status quo.

At Radix, our aim is to re-imagine the way government and society function. We exist to undermine ivory towers. We exist to spread new thinking. To break down tribal politics and bring people together from all political parties and none. To direct their energies towards capitalizing on the many opportunities that lie before us. Opportunities that our outdated post-war institutions seem unable to harness. Institutions that today seem tired, out of date and no longer fit for purpose.

If you have odd and crazy ideas, you are welcome. Whichever party you belong to you are welcome. If you belong to no party at all because you find the party system outdated you are welcome. If you have never been engaged in political debate but feel the need to be heard and to contribute, you are welcome.

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