Resilient Education

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In this paper authors from POLITIKA, the Radix Youth Wing, recommend eight steps to make schools more resilient:

  • Create comprehensive and effective contingency plans for continuing teaching during times of disruption, on a national and local level
  • Provide annual teacher training on creating meaningful remote learningenvironments
  • Integrate technology into teaching, including the usage of devices by children in the classroom
  • Provide devices and broadband for the most disadvantaged of students
  • Make more funding available for schools, particularly in the most deprived areas, to ensure that disadvantaged children can make the best start in life
  • Reintroduce Sure Start centres to support disadvantaged families
  • Create an online platform for educational resources to enhance learning in times of normalcy and provide an additional layer of resilience
  • Introduce flexible learning into the curriculum to ensure intrinsic motivation and build resilience against disruption

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