Tomorrow is Bristol’s megaphone…

It is hard to imagine a time when the decisions and actions of our political leaders have had a more direct bearing on our day-to-day lives: whether it is managing the country’s response to Covid, planning action on the climate emergency, responding to the cost of living crisis or dealing with Russian aggression in Ukraine, we are all impacted by their decisions.

Tomorrow is our stage to influence their actions.  No: tomorrow is your stage. 

Radix UK – our think tank – uses its publications and policy papers as platforms for those outside the Westminster bubble to influence policy makers and to present ideas in writing to address such crucial issues. 

Meanwhile, Big Tent’s annual Ideas Festival – held tomorrow in Bristol – provides a platform for every one of us to engage with those that govern us face to face. 

The answers to the challenges facing our country do not lie in Westminster and with professional policy makers alone, but in the innovation, creativity and imaginations of ordinary people the length and breadth of Britain.

If one wants to know what it takes to ‘level up’ don’t ask the people who live in the wealthiest square mile in the country, but those that live in left behind and disadvantaged communities. 

If we are going to tackle climate change, it will take action not from those that inhabit the Houses of Parliament but in the streets and villages of our provinces. 

If we are going to improve our public services, then we need to start with the people that rely on them every day for their health, their education and their safety.

The Big Tent Festival is a platform for all.  And this year, it is Bristol’s turn to celebrate the very best that it has to offer and to showcase to the Westminster politicians what it can do and what it needs from them to be able to do it even better.  

Tomorrow is Bristol’s megaphone, your opportunity to be heard. 

I expect you to turn up the volume to its max.

Have a brilliant day!

The programme can be found here at

Tickets for the festival are available here and are priced at £15 (£10 conc, U18 free); 2 for 1 tickets available.

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