The winner of the referendum is…….

So Theresa May, or a man, will go to Brussels and negotiate for Britain to become like Norway or Iceland – I hope that the England football team can be as good as Iceland – with whatever concessions on migration he or she can get. Up until recently I would have hope it was Theresa, the honest reason being my gender-bias – women are superior in almost every way to men. However, my admiration for Gove recently took a massive upswing – admittedly from negative territory – his political assassination of Boris was a perfectly timed masterstroke of ruthless efficiency. Machiavelli was a European, I would want one of his followers batting for my side against them.

At the time of the next election, the Tories will face the electorate, a large chunk of whom wanted out of Europe and for our immigration policies, or lack thereof, to change. I don’t think they wanted a Norway-lite, they will not be happy with this settlement. People from Sunderland and the like, who voted for Brexit, normally only vote for Labour. The Labour Party is rapidly wiping itself off the map. The Liberal Democrats are already some distance from the map.

Nigel Farage will go round the country, in his jacket, with his voice, telling us over a beer how we have been lied to and betrayed. And it is true, and it is also true that Nigel has been consistent, he would have not done a deal with the EU, he has not lied to us, just what he says is poisonous nonsense. At the last election about 4 million people voted for UKIP. If they don’t double this at the next election, I would be very surprised. I would be very surprised if they get less than 100 seats. I would be very surprised if they do not form the opposition.

So the winner of the referendum is Nigel Farage.

The loser is everyone else.

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