See you when it is a little lighter – in 2023!


Well, that’s it from us for the rest of 2022. We will be back on 3 January – or thereabouts, God willing – to carry on our dialogue about UK policy from the radical centre.

Thank so much to everyone who has dipped in to see us more than once or twice in the year just going. There are increasing numbers of you – my friend and very skilful colleague Anni Johnson tells me that in June – the month of the Bristol Big Tent festival – over 120,000 checked us out on Twitter and, by September, we had nearly 9,000 followers there too.

So I have three thoughts for the season.

First, you can hardly claim that we are better off as a nation after 2022. But yesterday was the shortest day – the winter solstice – which means that we are now heading back towards the light.

So I’m not sure if my mood has gone all hopeful, as you would expect in Advent – or whether this is just a more high-fallutin’ way of saying that things can only get better – to coin a phrase. Which is self-evidently not true.

Still, I leave that up to you!

Second thought. If you have enjoyed reading any of our daily blogs, and you are feeling strongly about any aspect of the five subject areas we concentrate on – and especially perhaps if you have personal experience that could shed more light on the darkness – please feel free to write for us. Just drop me a line at [email protected]

I’m afraid we can’t pay you, but it would be well read.

Third and finally, have  a wonderful Christmas and a fruitful new year – see you in 2023!

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