Regeneration 3: We’re all heading for a thrilling future


How many people love watching The Repair Shop on television?

You know it’s true. We love healing, we love mending and, if we can start a culture of healing and mending, we will actually create the right model for regeneration.

If we can harvest business in such a way that it behaves with a moral compass and a full thought, then we can regenerate anything.

I said I was going to tell you about 15 years from now – and you won’t like this bit: I reckon there’s going to be 30 million people around Calais trying to come here, because we have screwed up our International relationships and a lot of places are against us and things are really bad.

So we have two possibilities. Are we as a nation going to become more and more racist and difficult and curmudgeonly? Or are we going to say: ‘hey! – we now negotiate, we’re really not bad people, and we have scientists – all of whom are excited about the future…’

So just imagine building things and producing enough food to feed everybody. We would then actually be resilient – and if you add to that digging a few holes; Mr Johnson, we can do the stuff with a few holes, a bit of solar, a bit of deep geothermal – so we’re now independent.

We know what you can do and you’ve got a lot of heat and a big hole, you can then have greenhouses and there is nothing absolutely nothing – we could suddenly not grow.

And of course you’re trusting me now, aren’t you? Because you’re talking to the first man you’ve ever met that is going to turn on a tap on Monday morning!

Seriously, I am being a bit light-hearted about it, but I get so depressed talking to people who think we are doomed, when actually the great challenge for humans is that we we don’t get out of our beds in the morning unless we feel it’s existential.

So we are going to see this muscular localism that’s going to see Yorkshire independence. We’re going to see your cars made down the road, and food grown all around you because of the co-operatives of farms.

We’re going to see the end of supermarkets as we know them there will be supermarkets. but everything will be provided locally.

We will also see all our energy provided at a price which is affordable. We will have the quality of communications that we might have in London, wherever you are.

In short, there is going to be nothing at all worth having that you can’t have where you live and without damaging the planet.

So welcome to a new era! We’re not unique – we’re just we just got a talent for the future and we hope some of you will join us on the journey.

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