How Does All This Make Sense?

We keep hearing about the benefits of global trade. Undoubtedly there are many. But can things be taken too far?

Fishing has suddenly hit the spotlight. What will happen to British fishermen if they are excluded from the common fisheries policy? And what of European fishermen who land most of their catch in UK waters? But another statistic emerged in this discussion. It seems that British fishermen export almost all of their catch while most of the fish consumed in Britain is imported. I am doubtless being extremely dim, but how, exactly, does this make any sort of sense?

There are doubtless benefits to global trade but is it all being taken too far when there is no longer any room for local economies? When subsidized fuel for transport encourages trade that seems pointless and causes unnecessary environmental damage. When taxpayers end up paying for this kind of nonsense.

Any form of enlightenment as to how and why this all makes sense would be most welcome.

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