Magdalena Polan

Magdalena Polan

Magdalena Polan is a senior economist working in the asset management industry, responsible primarily for macroeconomic analysis and investment strategy across global emerging markets. Before moving to investment management, she was a senior economist at Goldman Sachs, where she led research coverage of CEE economies, advising financial and corporate investors on the economic outlook, policy conditions, and investment strategies in CEE and wider emerging markets, and commenting frequently on these issues in the CEE and European media.

Prior to that, she spent six years at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, where she worked on crisis prevention and resolution, sovereign debt restructurings, development of capital markets, and issues related to monetary policy and sovereign asset and liability management. She also advised a number of governments in these areas.

Her research work has mainly focused on monetary policy, inflation, international trade, and development of capital markets. She holds a MSc in Advanced Economics from KU Leuven and BSc in Economics from Warsaw University. She is also a graduate of Warsaw’s Collegium Invisibile where she studied sociology and political science.

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