John Mills

John Mills is a businessman, economist, and author. He is the Founder, Chairman and majority shareholder of global consumer goods company JML, which exports to over 85 countries worldwide. Under his stewardship, JML has become a global multi-channel retailer selling over 15 million products a year. Today, JML is one of Britain’s most successful exporting businesses employing around 250 people. 

In 2020, John founded the Institute for Prosperity, a cross-party research initiative that seeks to provide policymakers with new, innovative ideas for economic growth.

As an economist, John has written widely about the UK’s failure to compete effectively with the East. He argues that the UK should more actively manage the price of sterling to encourage manufacturing and investment. He is an accomplished writer and has published over 12 books during the last 40 years.
Having appeared on all major UK broadcasters including Radio 4 The Today Programme and BBC’s Question Time, John remains a go-to commentator and analyst on issues relating to the UK economy, exchange rate policy and Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

John has been a Labour Party member and donor for over 50 years. He served as Labour Councillor on Camden Borough Council almost continuously between 1971-2006. He was a parliamentary candidate in 1974 and again in the 1979 European Parliamentary elections.