Working late: the importance of older women to our economy


In the United Kingdom, the gap between the pay of men and women in the workforce has theoretically never been smaller. Yet the real gender pay gap is not talked about. When one examines the amount of total wealth earned by men as opposed to women in the economy, you arrive at an almost 2-1 ratio – 66% of total wages in the UK go to men as opposed to 34% to women.

This gets worse as people get older. When you examine the total wealth earned by workers over the age of 60, the gap rises to 68-32. The worst part of this is that women over 50 could contribute so much more to the economy overall if they were allowed to earn to their potential. Radix has arrived at five proposals to create just such a situation.

  • Nick Tyrone


    Nick Tyrone

    CEO, Radix

  • Jo Swinson


    Jo Swinson

    Former Parliamentary Under Secretary for Women and Equalities

  • Polly Mackenzie


    Polly Mackenzie

    CEO of the Money and Mental Health Institute

  • Catherine West


    Catherine West

    MP for Hornsey and Wood Green


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