Does the UK need a new political movement

epa05253566 Participants of the social media-born movement dubbed 'La Nuit Debout' ('The Night awake' or 'The night standing up') take part in a general assembly sit-in on Place de la Republique, to protest against the labor law reform bill in Paris, France, 10 April 2016. The Nuit Debout movement, which began on 31 March 2016, now in its eleventh day, is reminiscent of the Spanish 'Podemos' movement and the global '#Occupy' movement - with daily general assemblies organised at sun-down.  EPA/IAN LANGSDON

British politics is more broken today than we have seen it in decades. Both main parties have moved to the extremes of right and left. The centre has become a gaping hole leaving the majority of UK citizens without a comfortable political home.

There is a hunger worldwide for new political movements and many – from Republique En Marche! to the Five Star Movement, to Podemos and others – have been successful while traditional political parties seem stuck in self-referential bureaucracy.

What are the prospects for revitalizing the political centre ground in the UK?

  • Paddy Ashdown


    Lord Paddy Ashdown

    Former Leader, Liberal Democrats. Founder More United

  • Corrado Poli


    Prof. Corrado Poli

    Academic, Columnist and Researcher focused on the Five Star Movement




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