Will the Right Unite? Meet the Leaders with Professor Tim Bale and Lord Daniel Finkelstein


Will the Conservatives re-emerge? Or could they even go out of business altogether?

Join political scientist, Professor Tim Bale, author of The Conservative Party after Brexit, and Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE, Conservative Peer and Times columnist to discuss the fate of the right of British politics post July 4th.

Upon registration, you will be able to leave any questions or comments for Tim and Daniel to review during the webinar. These will be shared with them beforehand. Please note you will also be able to ask questions via the chat throughout the event.

  • Professor Tim Bale

    Tim Bale teaches politics at Queen Mary University of London and is the author of books on both the Conservative and Labour parties, as well as European politics more generally.

  • Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE

    Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE is a Conservative Member of the House of Lords, former advisor to Prime Minister John Major, Founding Director of Social Market Foundation and weekly columnist for The Times.




Monday 1st July 2024, 1:00 pm

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