The UK’s Energy Future at a Crossroads

The UK’s Energy Future at a Crossroads Event Cover

Energy and energy security are now top of the agenda and undergoing a reset, like it or not. What should the UK’s energy future look like?

Both wholesale and retail markets, always arguably false markets, have failed catastrophically in their core mission of providing choice, driving up standards and bearing down on prices. Why? How? And what comes next? The price guarantee leaves government as effectively a monopoly customer in control of supply.  But what of governance and safeguards? Is real competition achievable or even desirable?  What of renewables and efficiency savings? What, of security of supply and prices? Are any of the solutions currently on offer more than sticking plasters?

  • Panelist

    John Penrose MP

    MP for Weston-super-Mare since 2005. His campaigns to reboot British capitalism so our economy works for the many, not the few, include the Energy Price Cap; making housing cheaper to own or rent by allowing urban owners and developers to Build Up Not Out; making Britain’s economy more generationally-and-socially-just through a UK Sovereign Wealth Fund; and reforming formerly-nationalised utilities (e.g. energy, telecoms, water, rail) to put customers in charge, rather than politicians, bureaucrats or regulators instead.

  • Panelist

    Prof Richard Murphy

    Professor of Accounting Practice, Sheffield University Management School, a chartered accountant and economic justice campaigner. He blogs at and tweets @RichardJMurphy

  • Moderator

    Barry E James IFUEL

    Industrial Fellow at the University of East London Royal School of Business and Law and a Radix Fellow. He is co-author of the influential report 'Addressing UK Electricity's Price-Amplification' and 'Humane Energy: Plan B'. A successful entrepreneur for four decades, and now as a mentor, he has championed and pioneered financial innovation across the UK and beyond as a writer and instigateur - following an already long career as a software and internet pioneer. A decade ago he proposed and successfully campaigned, as co-chair of the Westminster Crowdfunding Forum (and APPG), for an 'Innovation Unit' within the financial regulator, since widely copied across the world. He is the founding chair of the Frontier Technologies Association, BBFTA.


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Wednesday 2nd November 2022, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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