Reforming Our Society – Lessons from COVID

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Over the past month, RADIX has been pleased to host a series of webinars looking at the constitutional and structural implications of Covid for UK Society.

What has Covid taught us about the way in which decisions are taken in the UK? 

Has our centralised state helped or hindered us?  

Have we had access to the reliable information which we have needed to form proper judgments? 

Alan Rusbridger, Sir Simon Jenkins and Lord Alderdice have helped us to address these questions. Now we turn to local economic reform….

We do not charge for our events. If you consider what we do worthwhile and would like us to carry on, please consider making a contribution here. Suggested voluntary contribution of £10 per event or £25 for the series. Thank you.

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Relocalising economics?

Charlotte Alldritt, Director, Centre for Progressive Policy

Until recently, economics seemed one of the few elements of government – like foreign affairs or the Queen – which could not be localised.

But it is increasingly apparent that some kind of diverse economic revitalisation on a local basis might be the quickest way to re-start our economy. 

How can this be achieved?  How much can or should be led by central or local government?  What threat does Covid pose to the diversity and good business practices of the private sector, to what effect on local places? How can we enable the ‘green shoots’ of community businesses and social enterprise to flourish throughout the recovery? Will local economics inevitably be swamped by the dynamics of global markets and capital flows?

Monday 20 July, 6pm                            Register here


- Fourth in this series of Online Events


Monday 13th July 2020, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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