Paying for COVID-19

Paying for Covid 19

The fiscal and monetary actions taken around the globe to tackle the COVID pandemic and protect the economy are eye-watering: equivalent according the IMF of around 8 trillion US dollars. They include higher spending and foregone revenue, public sector loans and equity injections, and guarantees. The UK’s package alone is worth in excess of 15% of its GDP.

The current attitude of governments and central bankers is understandably – ‘whatever it takes’ – but a time will come when this will all have to be paid for.

Already, economists around the global are predicting a decline in global output to dwarf the great depression so the options are limited: higher taxes, great borrowing, monetisation. Each carries its own risks and flaws. And Britain’s ability to act will also be constrained by the pace of recovery and strategies adopted elsewhere.

At the same time, the crisis offers a unique opportunity to reform and restructure our economy to make it fairer, greener and more sustainable and address structural problems which previously looked insurmountable. What do we spend, when and how? How do we avoid a return to ‘business as usual’? And what might as brave new world look like?

  • Nick Silver


    NIck Silver

    Co-Founder, RADIX. Actuary and Economist. Senior Visiting Fellow, Cass Business School

  • Vince Cable


    Sir Vince Cable

    Former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

  • Panelist

    Baroness Wheatcroft

    Former Editor-in-Chief, Wall Street Journal Europe. Director St James Place plc and Fiat Chrysler

  • Panicos Demetriades


    Professor Panicos Demetriades

    Senior Fellow, RADIX. Professor of Financial Economics and former Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus

  • Panelist

    Magda Polan

    RADIX Board Member. Global Emerging Market Economist, Legal and General, Formerly Economist at the IMF


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Wednesday 6th May 2020, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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