Future of Europe Summit


In many countries, mainstream politics have become stagnant, enabling the political success of reactionary forces like Brexit, euroscepticism, secessionist movements and worse. This has put a strain on the European ideal – risking the basis for the shared prosperity which has been the pillar of Europe’s success in the modern world.

Many formerly mainstream political parties flirt openly with the fringes leaving the large progressive mainstream under-represented and saddled with policies that could harm growth, impede prosperity and weaken the European social model.

Against the backdrop of a key debate on Europe’s future, what are the opportunities for revitalising the political centre around an ambitious, reformist agenda? What would a truly modern progressive agenda of that type look like? Who is ready to join now? And how quickly can it be delivered?

At this High-Level Summit on the Future of Europe, Nick Clegg will be joined by
leading thinkers for a wide-ranging discussion – not just of the theory, but of the political realities on the ground – and the prospects for rebuilding politics around a centre that drives change and delivers renewal.

  • Nick Clegg


    The Rt Hon Sir Nick Clegg

  • Paul Hofheinz


    Paul Hofheinz

    President, Lisbon Council

  • Jean Pisani-Ferry


    Jean Pisani-Ferry

    Professor, Sciences Po, Paris and Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

  • Nadia Calviño


    Nadia Calviño

    Director-General, Budget. European Commission


Residence Palace, International Press Centre, Wetstraat 155, 1040 Brussels


Monday 5th February 2018, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Only registered participants can be admitted.

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