What does 2017 hold in store for liberalism?


2016 was a tumultuous year that changed the world. For many, it was a terrible twelve months, filled with celebrity deaths and unfortunate political results at the polls. For others, it was the year that the little guy struck back against the “establishment”.

Radix will be hosting an event at this year’s Lib Dem spring conference in York a discussion about the year just gone and the year ahead. What will Trump’s first year in office be like? How will affect the world? How will it affect Britain? Will Article 50 actually be triggered and if so, what happens then? Will the Lib Dems start to definitively go up in the national polls as Labour continues to tank – or will be more complicated and tricky than that for the party? Furthermore, what are the major challenges for liberalism in 2017?

The conversation will be led by Sarah Olney, MP for Richmond Park, Mark Pack, Caron Lindsay, with Nick Tyrone as the chair.

  • Sarah Olney


    Sarah Olney

    MP for Richmond Park

  • Mark Pack


    Mark Pack

    Lib Dem blogger

  • Caron Lindsay


    Caron Lindsay

    Treasurer of the Scottish Lib Dems and FE member

  • Nick Tyrone


    Nick Tyrone

    CEO of Radix


Saturday 18th March 2017, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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