What Social Care Is and How it Can be Fixed

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Book 2 of 2: The Best NHS

This is the second book in our series The Best NHS? and it looks at social care, how it works and how it needs to change.

Unlike healthcare (the NHS), social care can mean different things to different people. That could range from social welfare (unemployment benefit or housing benefit) through charities such as Age Concern to a situation where a wife cares for her ailing husband. In its use in this book, it is none of these. It is a well-defined set of services for vulnerable people. This book will describe these, and will outline the ‘crisis’ that this sector is experiencing due to severe government cuts over the last ten years.

Despite real suffering for the most vulnerable in our society, politicians take little notice of it, and the public holds them to little account for the failure. The book concludes by asking why this is the case.

For more information on the series – which will be 12 books in total – or to purchase Books 1: An introduction to reforming the UK’s system of health and care and 2: What Social Care Is and How it Can be Fixed together please follow this link .

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