The New Political Capitalism: How Businesses can thrive in a deeply politicised world

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The New Political Capitalism is a fascinating insight into the influence that politics has upon business practices and consumer behaviour – and what businesses can do to tackle the growing divide between business and politics. The book features incisive political analysis and case studies from around the world to demonstrate how businesses that develop an effective political radar can enhance their performance in the emerging age of Political Capitalism.

Challenging the notion that businesses can be ‘apolitical’, Joe explores how politics shape the environment in which businesses and brands operate, especially in world were more citizens are engaging in social activism. Joe argues that it is crucial for businesses to understand and leverage this political environment to succeed and for brands to benefit from the zeitgeist.

Using extensive research and drawing on real world examples, Joe weaves together socio-political trends with business purpose, strategy and operations. Discussing topics such as why businesses exist at all, to the importance of diversity, and what a company and a brand stands for both culturally and politically, The New Political Capitalism dissects the new opportunities available for those businesses that can develop effective political antennae.

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