Managing the Mental Health Crisis: The Best NHS

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This book discusses the reforms required to improve the UK’s care for those with mental health conditions. These are:

• Take sustained action within the Integrated Care Systems, with appropriate funding to match the good intentions.
• Manage joined up care pathways over full cycles of care for those with a mental health condition (as part of a High-Risk-Care Management programme).
• Pay particular attention to children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) to stop vulnerable people ‘bouncing’ in and out of mental hospitals, and an end to the harsh cliff-edge as CAMHS services
are withdrawn when a person turns 18. Interventions in the early years have a disproportionate effect to the long-term health of individuals.
• Deliver on the pledge for more resources in community care, and extend the scope of attention into problem families and the criminal justice system.
• Invest in the workforce and encourage respect

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